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Tips When Planning Low Budget Funerals…

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral in the United States is at $6,500. The amount will quickly creep up to $10,000 if the burial plot, flower arrangements, and other related expenses are added. While money during a time of mourning is a touchy topic.  It is practical and even necessary to make sound financial decisions about the flower, caskets, and other relevant arrangements associated with organizing a funeral.

With careful planning and enough time spent comparing options, it is possible to have a dignified yet simple funeral service for around $800. Choosing a funeral home that doesn’t charge much will significantly contribute to bringing the cost of a funeral down. Funeral homes also offer a wide assortment of services with their corresponding price tags, so it pays to look into several funeral homes and their services.

Keeping cost down

A low cost cremation is a popular option among those who want to keep expenses reasonable. The cheapest option would be to have a direct cremation as this forgoes viewings and a ceremony. This gets arranged for a fair price of $600. Inquire if this amount already covers transportation of the body, and other associated fees. Otherwise, some establishments will charge an additional amount for these. Costs of embalming and buying a casket are already out of the equation when you choose a cremation. However, if a viewing and service are important to the family before cremation, renting a casket for this purpose is possible.

Instead of spending money for a burial plot, cremation can also be made cheap by storage of the ashes. Urns can be expensive. As an alternative, you can opt to keep the ashes in pottery or some decorative container, or have the ashes scattered at sea or some place that is significant to the deceased or their family.

Burial vs. Cremation

Some families still prefer burials over cremation, and there are still ways to keep costs at a minimal level in this case. Have a direct burial by moving the body right away to the burial plot. This process bypasses several things and their associated costs such as embalming, cosmetology, public viewings, funeral ceremony, and the like. Avoid metal caskets especially if you want to keep costs at a minimal. A pine coffin is very cheap in comparison, even when compared to ones made of mahogany.

The prices of caskets, monuments, and headstones can be researched online for convenience.  It is easy to choose for suppliers that give the best value. While the funeral home might suggest concrete walls, burial vaults, or grave liners, these are also very expensive things and can be easily avoided to lower the budget.

While usually memorial service gets done in funeral homes, the family can opt to have the service somewhere else.  Some people choose to have a “celebration of life” type of service. This type focuses more on the positive aspects.  Such as good memories with the deceased and acknowledging the support given to one another by family and friends during the mourning period.

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